Vision 2020 Mission


To enhance the image of the Chippewa Falls community as a regional leader in business and community development by the year 2020.




By enhancing our existing opportunities, harnessing all available resources and creating new opportunities for development, the Vision 2020 Task Force will work to revitalize the economic future and quality of life of Chippewa Falls.


Community Attributes

Attributes of Our Community

  • We welcome new business development and entrepreneurship.
  • We have a rich heritage of entrepreneurial growth and development of business and natural resources, combined with creativity and a well-known work ethic.
  • We seek creative opportunities to move our community forward.
  • We promote cooperation among business, governmental, natural and civic resources to advance our community.
  • We lead the region in both business climate and quality of life for our residents.
  • We take pride in our community identity and values and engage in strategic growth practices.
  • We improve the lives of our residents by a building a vibrant, future-focused and community through planned growth.
  • We are optimistic about the future of our community.


Our Goals


  • To promote and sustain intergenerational opportunities and activities for Chippewa Falls area individuals and families.
  • To promote the thoughtful expansion and diversification of the Chippewa Falls Area's economic base.
  • To preserve and enhance our natural resources, community heritage and legacy.
  • To develop, retain and attract skilled workers by supporting and generating awareness for career opportunities in the Chippewa area.
  • To connect resources in the area to support existing and entrepreneurial business opportunities.
  • To promote increased Chippewa Falls area volunteerism and community involvement.
  • To engage the community in both the process of economic development and its benefits.

Meet the Vision 2020 Board of Directors

Business and community leaders throughout Chippewa have formed Chippewa Falls Vision 2020 to further enhance the quality of life and the economic future of the area.

Josh Rizzo, Chair

HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital

Michael Pynch


Cathy Statz

Wisconsin Farmers Union

Greg Hoffman, Ex Officio

Mayor, City of Chippewa Falls

Debra Johnson, Vice-Chair

Heyde Center for the Arts

Neil Mathwig

Citizens State Bank

Paulette Hendrington

Short Elliott Hendrickson

Frank Pascarella, Ex Officio

Chippewa County Administrator

Dale Zwiefelhofer

Rooney Printing

Melinda Haun

Community Foundation of

Chippewa County

Joy Lancour

Xcel Energy

Heidi Eliopoulos, Ex Officio

Superintendent, Chippewa Falls

Area Unified School District

Teri Ouimette, Ex Officio

Chippewa Falls Main Street



Angela Stadler, Ex Officio

Chippewa Valley Technical College

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