Retention Pond Removed

09-23-2011 by Vision 2020

Removal of the Retention Pond west of the Visitor Center is another step further in implementing the Riverfront Development Plan.

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Vision 2020 Recognizes Jerry and Carol Way

08-18-2011 by Vision 2020

Jerry and Carol Way were recognized for their efforts to preserve and enhance our community heritage through the arts, theater, music and education in the Chippewa Falls area.

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Vision 2020 Supports changes in TIFs

06-29-2011 by Vision 2020

Vision 2020 recognizes the importance and benefits (economic) derived from Tax Incremental Financing (TIF).

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Government Program & Service Consolidation

06-16-2011 by Vision 2020

Vision 2020 encourages our public leaders to systematically consider program and service consolidation whenever and wherever appropriate.

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